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At Ewing and Sons, we offer a variety of services to suit your needs. We love what we do and it shows in our work. Rest assured that our talented team will take care of you.

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Miamisburg Marble, Granite, Natural Stone Restoration

Marble, Granite, Natural Stone Restoration

"Is your stone damaged, scratched or chipped? We can restore or repair it."
There are basically 4 types of damage that occurs to polished marble and limestone.
Acid, Abrasion, Impact and Staining

Over time marble, travertine, granite and other natural stones can lose the appearance they had when they were new. We are able to polish, repair and restore the appearance of various natural stones. Ewing services stone on floors, in showers, on counter and table tops. Where ever your stone is we will service it and maintain it at the highest possible standards. Ewing & Sons can apply sealers and color enhancers to your natural stone.

We service most natural stones:

  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Onyx
  • Concrete
  • All natural stones

Miamisburg VCT Stripping & Waxing

VCT Stripping & Waxing

Stripping and waxing the floors.

VCT or vinyl composition tile are the 12 inch tiles that you walk on in retail stores, schools, offices such as at the doctor or dentist. These tiles are coated with a floor finish that needs to be stripped away and re-applied occasionally. Ewing Floor Maintenance has been stripping and waxing floors since 1953. We use the highest quality products that we feel will provide you with the best looking longest lasting floors. Our well trained crews will strip and refinish your floors. They will be neat and not get stripper and finishes on your walls, bases or fixtures.

Scrubbing and buffing the floors.

Once the floors are Stripped and waxed with a coating they may benefit from scrubbing and buffing the finish. We have flexible programs to suit your needs eliminating having to staff, train and equip in house personnel.

Floor finishes protect the floor and enhance the appearance.

Some of the newer floor coverings do not require floor finishes which reduces the need for stripping and waxing if not eliminating it all together. Contact Ewing Floor Maintenance for the best recommendations for your floor covering.

  • VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile)
  • Linoleum
  • LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)
Miamisburg Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our state-of-the-art methods, equipment and knowledge can clean your tile and grout! Since 1953 Ewing has been innovating cleaning methods to bring you the best possible results for cleaning your tile and grout.

Over time the process cleaning the floor using various mopping techniques is the cause of the tile and grout becoming dirty. Occasional cleaning with our six step process will need to be performed. After cleaning the tile and grout you have the option of applying a clear seal or a color seal to the grout lines. We can change the color of your grout lines to custom colors.

Whether your tile and grout is on a floor, in a shower or tub surround or on a back-splash we can clean it to a standard you will be proud to show.

Does your shower tile and grout have a buildup of mineral and soap film? Our services will remove this. Ask about our "Shower Tune Up". We will clean the shower and remove and replace damaged or moldy caulk to give the shower a clean and fresh appearance.

Ask about our commercial restroom restoration cleaning service. We can remove odors, mineral build up and anything else that should not be on your surfaces. Many of our clients notice a dramatic improvement in the way the restrooms smell and they are easier to keep clean after the restoration.

Miamisburg Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Ewing Floor Maintenance offers a variety of methods to clean and restore your carpet.

Hot water extraction
Commonly called steam cleaning hot water extraction is the preferred method of most manufacturers. Our multi-step process is designed to get the maximum amount of soil out of your carpet. Not only do our methods leave you carpet cleaner and dry sooner than other methods your carpet is left chemically neutral. There is no residue left behind that can feel stick or stiff and attract re-soiling.

Ewing Floor Maintenance features the Mighty Vortex one the worlds most powerful cleaning machines! Consistent hot water and unmatched suction means cleaner carpets that are dry in less time than other equipment or methods. Generally carpets are dry in a few hours not days.

Low moisture
Encapsulation is a great low cost alternative to hot water extraction or “Steam Cleaning”.