Marble And Natural Stone Restoration  

These days, more and more "decorative" marbles are being used for their beauty and not their strength. These marbles are generally very prone to abrasion, vertical compactions, scratching and staining. Therefore, maintenance is a key factor guaranteeing post-installation or post-restoration beauty appearance and longevity. Call Ewing and Sons for a maintenance program tailored to fit your needs.


Ewing & Sons specializes in natural stone restoration and repair for all types of natural stones, including marble. We provide expert service in many aspects of the stone refinishing process, including, but not limited to: grinding, honing, polishing and sealing.


Ewing & Sons is dedicated to the restoration of natural stone, we do not sell, fabricate or install. We handle everyday care of marble, concrete, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, terrazzo and many other types of stone. To achieve our goals we employ dedicated grinders, planetary floor machines, and special masonry tools.